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How to Choose Angle Grinder

What is necessary for the home master who does all the work on the house with his own hands? Certainly, high-quality, reliable, and, most importantly, convenient in various construction and repair work tools. It is very useful in its arsenal to have an angular grinder
The usefulness of this machine is difficult to challenge. Masters use it in works: with a stone; with metal; with ceramic tiles; with concrete to make the stitches for the wiring; for grinding surfaces; for removing the paint.

To choose a good angle grinder for high-quality and safe performance of these works is a task facing the amateur master and a professional from time to time. What to look for when choosing a angle grinder?

Choosing the right angle grinder is not an easy task and for this you need to pay special attention to what kinds of angle grinder exist for each specific application; what are the main technical characteristics. Let’s consider these paramount, in our opinion, parameters when choosing the angle grinder.

It is possible to divide the angle grinder into two types depending on the complexity of the work: household and semi-professionan. Household – machines of low power, for disks not exceeding 115 ~ 125 mm in diameter. Such angle grinder are not designed for long-term work. They are suitable for those who think about the question of how to choose a angle grinder for a house with an optimal ratio of functionality and cost. Such a tool can be used for minor repairs in an apartment – remove paint, polish a small surface, cut off a metal pipe, etc.

Do not forget to use protective gloves when working with an angle grinder Semi-rofessional grinding machines. They differ from households with more power, the size of grinding discs from 180 to 230 mm. Such angle grinder can be used for complex and lengthy construction repair work with stone, concrete or iron. Thus, how to choose a angle grinder and what type it is most suitable for a master can only solve by himself, relying on the tasks that he faces and the technical characteristics of the instrument.

How to Determine the Power of an Angle Grinder

Choosing an angle grinder by type of work must take into account the power of its motor. From 500 to 700 W – machines of low power, usually a small size, but with a short duration of the motor without overheating. She can make small household work around the house. The disc for such machines can be as little as 115 mm.

From 700 to 1200 W. They should pay attention to choosing an angle grinder for a summer residence. Such a medium power tool allows you to perform larger jobs, for example, grinding large surfaces of stone or metal, where it is necessary to use the entire plane of the grinding disc, the appropriate size of which is 125 ~ 150 mm.

From 1800 to 220 W – for serious construction and installation work such as cutting concrete or thick metal, for which you need a powerful tool that can work for a long time without overheating. For such machines, the diameter of the disk can reach up to 230 mm. Given the power of the engine, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed of the working shaft, which can be in the range from 2800 to 11000 rpm. This parameter influences the speed and quality of the work performed when cutting stone, concrete or thick metal. It is necessary that the spindle revolutions correspond to the size of the disk. Incorrect selection of this ratio can lead to disk destruction and serious injuries.
Given the necessary technical characteristics of the angle grinder, you can choose the tool in accordance with the optimal ratio of price and quality.

What an angle grinder can buy, everyone can decide for himself, guided by the feedback of the masters, the prices and additional opportunities that are available for each of the popular samples.