How to Drill Concrete and Tiles

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Drilling by impact drill a stone or hard concrete is a rather laborious process. In particularly difficult cases, when it is necessary to make a hole in the supporting wall or overlap, it is better to use a hammer drill (switching it to the drill mode). Do not even try to work with a drill, when you need to drill holes for fixing on the concrete overlapping profiles (when installing a false ceiling). Only lose time and be out of strength.

Types of drill bits for concrete

The bit for concrete has a shank of a standard shape (as in conventional bits for metal or wood) and is intended for an impact drill. Bits for hammer drills have shanks for a cartridge SDS-design with a diameter of 10 mm or 18 mm.

A drill bit for concrete is made of a special hard alloy, in addition, it has a soldered tip (made of a super-hard alloy based on titanium and tungsten). Concrete, brick, marble, stone, ceramics and other similar materials could be drilled with such type of bits.

Drilling Tips and Tricks

It should be taken into consideration that it is necessary to use concrete bits for work with concrete, ceramics, and stone only. Using the concrete bits for metal or wood is highly undesirable. If, during the drilling of the bearing wall, the bit meets the steel reinforcement, it is better to drill a drill for metal with it, and then continue drilling with a drill bit on the concrete. During the walls drilling, sometimes hard stones may fall into the concrete, which the drill can not overcome. In this case, use a special bump or an old drill bit on the concrete and stone hammer to manually crush the stone. After that, drilling can be continued.

  • When working with hard concrete, it is necessary to ensure that the drill does not overheat, letting it cool down every 10-15 minutes.
  • Sometimes when drilling a wall, pieces of plaster can fall off from the back side of the wall. It is enough to reduce the speed to avoid this problem.  Although the work will go a little slower, but you will not have to worry for the safety of the wall.
  • To drill ceramic tiles, use a drill bit for concrete, but set the mode of a conventional drill. At the same time, it should not be pressed too hard so that the tile does not split.