The tricks of painting the wooden facade

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The tree is not in vain considered to be one of the most popular materials for building wooden houses. Its huge advantages are the ability to pass air, maintain the ecological balance, high strength and economy of construction. Minor disadvantages of wooden buildings, such as their ability to damp and low fire resistance, can be successfully corrected and minimized. Therefore, wooden houses are now very popular and never go out of fashion.

Why paint wooden facades?

Without fail, wooden facades must be painted. This necessity is connected with the fact that the wooden facade must be protected from moisture and other unfavorable factors. The painted façade never damp, it does not show mold. In addition, the paint is able to decorate the facade, making it particularly attractive for the look. Finally, some paints can improve the fire resistance of the facade, which is very important in case of a fire.

Choosing paints for the facade

Before you buy paint for the facade, carefully read the information on the packaging. It must be indicated there that the paint is suitable for outdoor woodwork. If there is no such information on the bank, it is better to refuse the purchase. To pay attention it is necessary and on firmness of a paint that the necessity of frequent repeated painting did not become an unpleasant surprise. The next very important point is the drying time of the paint. The smaller it is, the better, because the dry paint is not terrible weather, and the dry paint does not start the rain in time instantly.

Depending on the composition and characteristics, the following types of paints are selected for outdoor woodwork:

▪ Acrylic paints. The most durable and stable, are now very popular.

▪ Alkyd paints. They are also quite popular, but they have several drawbacks. Apply them only on a completely dry surface.

▪ Oil paints. Such paints are of low cost, but differ in a rare smell and instability in water and heating.

Perfect weather for painting the facade

In what kind of weather is it best to take on painting the facade? Contrary to popular belief, a clear, sunny and hot day is not suitable for this purpose in the best way. In the heat, the paint dries more quickly, which means that on the facade there may be ugly stains. Do not undertake to paint the facade and in the cold, when a layer of paint will fall on the facade not in the best way. And of course, there is no point in starting a painting and when it’s clearly going to rain, which can wash away the entire layer of paint.

The ideal weather for painting the facade is a warm day with a light haze that will protect the paint from premature drying. In such weather, the paint will lie on the facade smoothly, accurately, in time, dry out and retain its presentation for a long time.