Blower Usage

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Recently, technology in its development has reached a fairly high level in all spheres of human life. Cleaning equipment did not pass this process. Today, the market offers an alternative to conventional inventory – the unit, called “electric blower“. This is a machine that will help you do some kind of work on your working place or in the garage and do not spend much time and effort. An important point is that during the work the integrity of fragile details is preserved and they are not damaged. We will talk about all the features of the choice of such a tool in the article.

Features of technology

The main application of the blower is cleaning the working area from various debris. With the help of this device, you can, without much effort, clear the area of ​​shavings, trimming, small pieces of garbage and dust.

However, the scope of use of the blower is not limited to cleaning the working area. This device can be used for garden or domestic needs. Blower blows computers, power supplies, system blocks from various contaminants and dust. Using the machine in the “vacuum cleaner” mode, you can collect small items. Such a tool will become very practical in application during cleaning during repair work. The blower with ease will clean a layer of dust with which at one time the rag or a mop will not cope.

The device and the principle of operation

The blower is a design that includes a set of certain parts: the air flow from the body to outside part through a suction pipe, and the device is driven by an engine that is divided into two types:

  • The first type of blower is a tool with an electric motor. This is the most suitable option for small areas. The power of such a device is small, so that in the process of work it does not create much noise. An additional advantage is also a light weight. However, for cleaning large areas, the electric blower will not be very convenient to use. This unit can not operate at a great distance from its power source, which limits its working space.
  • The blower gasoline differs significantly more power and performance. Such units are designed for cleaning large areas. But they also have one drawback – they create a high level of noise. This can cause some discomfort when working with such blowers.

Electric blowers have two or three modes of operation:

The first one is the blower itself. In the process of work, the blower, staying in this mode, forms a stream of air, which blows all the debris in the desired direction.

The second mode is a vacuum cleaner. The principle of operation is directly opposite to the blower mode. Garbage is sucked into the machine through a pipe and enters the container.

Some models have the third mode and it is grinding debris.

Blowers classification

To clean a small area, a handheld blower is a suitable choice. This model is compact in size and has its own complete handle. Some handheld devices are also equipped with an adjustable belt, which creates additional convenience in the process of use and makes it possible to carry the blower if necessary without any difficulties.

For larger areas, knapsack blowers are provided. They work on gasoline engines, which allows you to handle large areas without restrictions. In appearance, such a device resembles a backpack. This design allows you to freely move around the site and do not spend a lot of effort on transporting the device.

For cleaning large-scale sections are designed wheel blowers. To ensure the convenience of their movement, these units are equipped with four wheels and a handle. The power of such devices is quite high, besides they have wide attachments, thanks to which they can collect garbage from a strip up to 70 cm wide in one pass.

The volume of the waste collection tank is several hundred liters. For grinding debris wheeled harvesting units are equipped with powerful grinding systems, knives which can recycle branches a few meters in size. The complete set of these units also includes a corrugated hose. With its help, cleaning of the places to which the blower can not pass is carried out.

How to choose a blower

Before buying an air blower, you need to familiarize yourself with the main aspects of choosing such a tool:

The main criterion, which should be guided, is the size of the site. If the area of ​​the cleaning is small, like working space only in this case it will be enough to have a portable household blower. If it is a question of cleaning is a household as well, a gasoline unit will be needed here. Devices on wheels are used to clean the working place, household and garden.

It is necessary to determine the scope of the proposed works and their level of complexity. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to find out which functions of the unit and which blower device will be required to perform this work. The cost of the instrument, including, depends on the number of its functions. This approach will avoid the acquisition of an expensive model with the presence of those functions that in the end will not be useful.

Also, when choosing the model of the unit, it is necessary to take into account such criteria as mobility, capacity and productivity. There are devices that, when performing a small amount of work, use the maximum performance.

The weight of the instrument and its carrying system should be taken into account. For domestic use and cleaning of small areas hand and knapsack blower models are quite suitable. To handle a large area such devices are not suitable.